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UC/Cal State and NCAA Approved Courses

Find out which courses are approved!

Four-year Plan Guide Template

Download and use the Four Year Plan Guide Template to plan your course load properly.

Remember — 270 credits are required for graduation (transfer students my require fewer credits), and all Honors, AP, and upper division courses have prerequisites (check the Course Catalog for more details on prerequisites).


Personal Counseling Authorization

Personal Counseling is offered to students who are referred through the guidance counselors, teachers, and in crisis situations. Parental permission is sought, and confidentially observed. The counselor meets with the student to complete a personal interview, make an evaluation, and then offer recommendations.

The Personal Counseling Authorization Form must be downloaded and completed by September 11, 2017.


Request for Schedule Change

The following are approved reasons for schedule changes:
- Moving from an AP or Honors class to a lower course level
- A teacher recommends a class level change to a higher course level

The following reasons for schedule changes are not approved:
- Teacher preferences or requests
- Rearranging class times during the day (ex: wanting an “easy” class during 7th period)
- Changing classes to be with friends
- Elective changes (ex: changing Drawing and Painting to Graphic Design)

Before turning in your slip to the Counseling Office, make sure that you have:
- Teachers' signatures from the classes you are requesting to add and drop
- Parent and student signatures
- A clear written reason for your schedule change request

*Students cannot switch into an online class without their current teacher’s approval and must have approval from the Director of Online Programs, Mrs. Luster.

Schedule change requests will not be considered after Thursday, August 24, 2017.



Request Official Transcripts for current students

Current students must request their official transcripts through Naviance. Fees for transcripts are included in your senior fees.


Request Unofficial Transcripts

Current students must request unofficial copies by emailing Janet Miller at jmiller@jserra.org. Please allow at least 48 hours for delivery of an unofficial transcript.

request official transcripts for Alumni and Former Students

Alumni and former students must request transcripts by completing the online form.

Request Alumni /
Former Student Transcripts

Student Work Permit

Counseling Key Dates Calendar

Counseling Key Dates Calendar

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