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Your application for employment at JSerra Catholic High School serves as a source of joy and gratitude for us. We are honored that you are seeking our organization as a place to continue (or begin) your professional career.

Anyone who desires to join an educational enterprise such as this one is looking to make a difference in the lives of young people and serve the common good.

We respect your particular gifts, professional goals, and desire to become part of the JSerra family. We also acknowledge your potential to contribute to the school’s success.

Considering this, we encourage you to read our Core Beliefs to better understand our vision as an organization and our values as a Catholic institution.


As part of your preparation for a potential interview, please carefully reflect upon how you envision supporting JSerra’s core beliefs and strengthening its values. During our hiring process we will engage you in dialogue about your role in furthering our core beliefs and fostering the spirit of our core Catholic values and identity.

This methodology of hiring aims to help all candidates understand the very heart of our educational undertakings at JSerra. We also believe it will grant clarity as to the suitability of our institution for your professional objectives.