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Mission & Philosophy


JSerra is an independent Roman Catholic high school that encourages students to pursue personal and professional excellence in life. Guided by the teachings of the Catholic Church, we work in partnership with committed parents and inspirational teachers to form the faith, intellect, and character of our young men and women within a Christ-centered, sacrament-based learning environment.


The definition of key terms in our mission statement helps to further clarify the founding principles and core beliefs of our school.

"independent Roman Catholic school”

JSerra is governed by a self-appointing Board of Directors. While we are not a diocesan school, the sacraments and religious education available at JSerra are offered with the complete knowledge and approval of the Bishop of the Diocese of Orange.

"pursue personal and professional excellence in life"

We maintain high standards of excellence for our students in all facets of school life. Through challenging coursework that fosters a keen work ethic and teachers who model professional dedication and personal regard for those around them, we strive to create an environment that encourages students to become the best persons God calls them to be.

"guided by the teachings of the Catholic Church"

We are deeply committed to promoting the teachings of Christ as affirmed by the apostolic tradition and divine inspiration of the Catholic Church. We also hold in deep regard other faith traditions and, as such, invite all members of our school community to participate with us in the search for truth and meaning in this world and in the next.

"partnership with committed parents"

During the teenage years, it is of paramount importance that parents and the school collaborate closely so our students are provided cohesive, unified direction by the most important adults in their lives. We firmly believe parents are the primary educators. As such, they should be active in the educational process through participation in parenting seminars, teacher conferences, lecture series, open forums with administrators, social gatherings, and Board of Directors or strategic committee positions. Indeed, the school-parent partnership is the most critical one in preparing our students for responsible adulthood.

"inspirational teachers"

All faculty and staff, both within the classroom and beyond, fulfill a teaching role as they strive to affirm the dignity of our young men and women and model for them in all circumstances the person of Jesus Christ. Our goal is for everyone at JSerra to engage our students by captivating their hearts and minds with the beauty of the Gospel in order to inspire them to become virtuous, faith-filled adults.

"faith, intellect, and character"

We believe forming our students in these essential areas results in a truly integrated and dynamic Catholic education. By "faith" we imply not only a belief in the existence of God, but also a desire to know Him, love Him, and serve Him by knowing, loving, and serving others. At JSerra, "intellect" refers not only to academic knowledge, but also to wisdom. We help our students grow in the practical application of their reason based on a mature understanding of themselves and their responsibility to society. We also aim to develop each student’s "character." By this we mean the cultivation of human values and the moral discernment necessary for ultimate happiness, both of which are rooted in the cardinal virtues of fortitude, prudence, temperance, and justice.

"young men and women"

Rather than use the term "children," we consciously refer to our students as young men and women as this better reflects our vision of them as "adults-in-the-making." This demonstration of respect for our students is an important aspect of our effort to form them to be responsible Christian citizens.

"Christ-centered, sacrament-based learning environment"

Our mission statement ends with this phrase to leave no doubt as to the source and essence of our school — Jesus Christ. We believe our weekly celebration of an all-school Mass and opportunities for regular confession and adoration afford our entire school community untold graces. Precisely because of our catholic (i.e. universal) nature, we welcome students and families of all religious backgrounds who seek to deepen their faith.

Explore our Five Pillars of Excellence

Committed to Christ

  • Makes Gospel virtues a top priority
  • Exemplifies Christian love by unmistakable concern for others
  • Attends weekly Church services
  • Continually develops a vibrant prayer life
  • Is fully aligned with JSerra mission in heart, word, and deed

Positive and Joyful

  • Exudes a contagious enthusiasm for life and work
  • Is cheerful and displays good humor, even in conflict
  • Offers solutions in place of complaints
  • Bounces back from setbacks with confidence
  • Speaks well of and assumes the best in colleagues


  • Strives for personal excellence in every area of life
  • Inspires others
  • Accepts new challenges with gratitude and generosity
  • Creatively seeks undertakings outside of job description
  • Works with purpose and is "all-in"


  • Generously goes out of the way to edify and assist colleagues
  • Solicits others' ideas and shares accountability for failures
  • Prioritizes team objectives
  • Places school mission and the common good ahead of personal ambitions
  • Is as good a follower as a leader

Professionally Adept

  • Exhibits remarkable competence in area of professional expertise
  • Possesses an enviable work ethic
  • Bolsters colleagues' production by ability to get things done
  • Proactively solves problems and seeks out new responsibilities
  • Sets self-motivated goals, produces results, and welcomes feedback

Faith, intellect, and character truly are the foundation of this school — and the teachers and administrators walk the talk. Messages are thoughtful and show genuine concern for the development of our children.
Nina V., Parent