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Plugged In Season 7, Episode 1: Risk Reaps Rewards with Dr. Leonard and Sarah Sax

Is resilience as important as everyone is saying? According to the studies, yes, but perhaps not in the way you think. Why are so few teens unwilling to take risks? And what are the consequences for a generation that lives by the fabricated rules of “safety-ism”? How does the lack of resilience in teen boys play into their susceptibility to today’s most paralyzing addiction: pornography use? Join renowned author, speaker, physician, and psychologist, Dr. Leonard Sax, and his daughter Sarah Sax on this special edition of Plugged In, as they share about Sarah’s extreme summer adventure and the real-life lessons that pushing a teen to such limits provides.

You can listed to the podcast below, or download from Apple Podcasts.



Dr. Leonard Sax provided care for children and adults in a family practice outside Washington, D.C, for more than 18 years. For two decades he visited over 400 schools researching the root causes of behind America’s declining adolescent academic performance and spiraling social-emotional well-being. Dr. Sax has lead hundreds of workshops and presentations sharing the research behind this crisis in American teen culture and the parenting that can serve to thwart it or contribute to its staggering growth.

Dr. Sax has spoken on adolescent development in over 11 countries and appeared countless times on major networks discussing his work, including the TODAY Show, CNN, Headline News, PBS, Fox News, NPR’s Weekend Edition, and the BBC. His books include Why Gender Matters, Boys Adrift, Girls on the Edge, and The Collapse of Parenting, a New York Times bestseller.