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New Episode of Plugged In: Sacred Balancing Act with Lisa Hendey

Parents have never been busier. Professional responsibilities, kids' schedules, and non-stop extracurricular events can make the idea of creating a family culture seem almost impossible. Lisa Hendey came to that same conclusion.

Married to a successful doctor, flourishing in her own career, and trying to raise two children, she realized something had to give. In fact something had: it was family time.

On this episode of Plugged In, full-time professional and fuller-time mom Lisa Hendey explains what it took to "put first things first" in her own family life and walks us through the struggles, challenges, and ultimate triumphs she speaks and writes about across the nation. Sober, humble, and hopeful, she shares how she and her husband prioritized family without compromising a full life outside the home.

You can listen below or download the podcast on Apple Podcasts.


Lisa Hendey

Lisa Hendey is a best-selling author, speaker, radio producer, and podcast host. She is the founder of CatholicMom.com, the host of "Lisa Hendey and Friends" and the co-host of "Catholic MomCast."

Her books include The Grace of Yes, I'm a Saint in the Making, The Handbook for Catholic Moms, and I Am God's Storyteller.

Lisa's fiction series for children, called Chime Travelers, has been read in elementary schools and Church groups worldwide.

While maintaining a thriving career, Lisa raised two children in a faith-filled home — something she sees as her greatest joy and accomplishment.