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Business Magnet


A fee is required for each grade level. Fees cover FBLA fees, conferences, competitions, UCI speaker events entry fee and transportation, & various activities and events.


We strongly suggest that students take the Freshman Communication and Health electives during the summer prior to 9th grade.

  • 9th grade: Intro to Business Honors (y), $500
  • 10th grade: Speech and Debate (s) and Business Communications Honors (s) $1000
  • 11th grade: Accounting 1 Honors (s) and Sales & Marketing Honors (s) $1000
  • 12th grade: Senior Capstone Honors (s) and Business Law Honors (s), $1000

JSerra students are required to complete classes in the Fine Arts. It is recommended that Business Magnet students consider taking Graphic Design, Flash Animation, Photography, Digital Photography, Yearbook, Choir, and Theater I.


Accounting 1 (for non-BMP students)

This course will follow the Accounting 1 course offered to Business Magnet Students but will go at a slower pace.  The students will begin the course with an introduction to business terms so that the students are familiar with basic business structure and terminology.  The course will cover basic Accounting skills and concepts for both a sole proprietorship and a merchandise business.

  • Semester
  • 5 credits

Accounting 1 H - Elective

Prerequisite: Intro to Business


This course will introduce the students to the concepts and skills required for basic Accounting for a service business organized as a proprietorship for the first quarter. The second quarter will teach the students a complete accounting cycle for a merchandising business organized as a corporation. The importance of learning a service business and a merchandise business means the students will understand how to incorporate costs and how to charge sales tax.


  • Semester
  • 5 Credits
  • UC Approved


Business Communication H - Elective

Prerequisite: Intro to Business


Students will study the principals, strategies, and techniques of effective written, oral, and digital business communication. Emphasis is placed on reviewing grammar and successful written messages including e-mails, memos, letters, web/advertising copy writing, and the basic framework of writing a business plan. Additionally, students will learn productive techniques for business presentations, as well as skills to communicate professionally in an increasingly global, digital workplace.



  • Semester
  • 5 Credits
  • UC Approved




Business Law H - Elective

Prerequisite: A Junior or Senior level student enrolled in either the Business or Law Magnet Program.

This course examines the basics of contract formation and performance, product warranties, product liability, and all in the context of business legal issues, and the ethical considerations in the practice of business law.

Intro to Business H - Required

This course will introduce the students to the concepts and skills required for success in today’s workplace. Topics covered will include finance, marketing, production, and management which will give the student a foundation of business operations. In order to take them beyond the basics, other topics included will be ethics, economics, career planning, and technology.

  • Year
  • 10 Credits
  • UC Approved

Sales and Marketing H - Elective

Prerequisite: Intro to Business


This course will introduce the students to the concepts and skills required to contribute to Sales and Marketing efforts in an organization.  Topics covered will include marketing concepts, marketing plans, economics, business and society, basic marketing skills, basic selling skills, promotion, distribution, and pricing.  They will be given various projects and case studies to help them understand marketing in today’s business world.

  • Semester
  • 5 Credits
  • UC Approved

Senior Capstone Project H - Required

Prerequisites: Intro to Business, Business Communication, Speech and Debate, Sales and Marketing, and Accounting.

The students will have three main responsibilities. They will develop a business plan that will be presented to a panel at the end of the semester. They will also work 2-4 hours as an intern at a business off campus. The third prong will be to complete an excel class given during class time.

  • Semester
  • 5 Credits


Prerequisites: Intro to Business


Speech deals with the communication process as a whole in our daily lives through group discussion, and public speaking.  Students will learn how to prepare and deliver informal, argumentative, impromptu, and persuasive speeches as well as take pare in policy and formal debates.

  • Semester
  • 5 Credits
  • UC Approved


Carol Chaffee
Program Director
949.493.9307 Ext. 7058

Alexandria Pierce
Program Assistant Director
949.493.9307 Ext. 7108


Our curriculum provides students with opportunities to explore the business world while encouraging them to enjoy other interests such as sports, art, clubs, and more.

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