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Literature has the power to awaken, challenge, and even shock the reader by addressing profound questions about human identity and values. Through its ability to enter our minds, hearts and actions, literature offers us the most complete picture of ourselves and humanity. Because it delights and disturbs, literature not only reflects our existence in the world, but also inspires change and the adventure of unforeseen possibilities.

While the English program maintains the intrinsic value of literature and encourages students to read across the boundaries of time, place and culture, it also recognizes the historical and cultural contexts in which literature is created. Literature's investment in aesthetic and intellectual matters is inseparable from its involvement in cultural, social and political issues.

By exploring a wide range of literary and cultural works – from Austen to Shakespeare – our students are able to understand how the past informs the present and encourages the reader to become an archivist of both past works and present cultures. In order to achieve consistency in all classes, we do adhere to the currently published MLA standards.

Four years are required for graduation.

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