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Law Magnet


Introduction to Law Honors - Required - Grade 9

Prerequisite: Submission of application for law magnet program and school approval of enrollment in the program. Enrollment must be completed prior to the start of the school year in August.

The purpose of this class is to introduce freshmen students to the basic elements of a jury trial, California evidence, United States Constitutional search & seizure & Miranda law, and the mock trial program. This introductory class will form the foundation for the more detailed junior and senior year studies of criminal law, trial advocacy, constitutional law, and contract law. It will also provide students with an understanding of the mock trial competition process which they will participate in during their sophomore, junior, and senior Fall semesters.

Next, freshmen students will be required to attend two seminars which are held on school days. (The trip to Chapman will take place in December or January.) They are as follows:

    • Orange County Courthouse tour; Fall term during school hours
    • Mock trial at Chapman Law School; Fall term on a Saturday morning in December
    • Law Day seminar; Spring Term during school hours
  • Semester
  • 5 Credits

Legal Research and Writing - Required (Spring) - Grade 10

Prerequisite: Introduction to Law Honors

The course introduces students to fundamental legal reasoning, research, and writing skills in the context of objective legal documents, including client letters and memoranda of law. Students will develop their analytical, writing, and research skills in the advocacy context. Students produce litigation documents and are introduced to computer assisted legal research.

  • Semester
  • 5 Credits

Criminal Law Honors - Required (Spring) - Grade 11

Prerequisite: Trial Advocacy Honors

This course introduces students to the basic components of criminal law, including actus reus and mens rea, causation, attempt crimes, burdens of proof, defenses, mistakes, punishment, the elements of several crimes, such as criminal homicide, conspiracy, co-conspirators, and larceny, as well as ethical considerations in the practice of criminal law.

  • Semester
  • 5 Credits

Contract Law Honors - Required (Fall) - Grade 12

Prerequisite: Criminal Law Honors

This course examines the fundamental elements of contract formation and performance including offer, acceptance, consideration, duties and obligations, capacity, defenses, excuses, rights of third parties, and the ethical considerations in the practice of contract law.

  • Semester
  • 5 Credits

Constitutional Law Honors - Required (Spring) - Grade 12

Prerequisite: Contract Law Honors

This course introduces students to the basic components of constitutional law, including free speech, liberty, property and due process, the taking, contract and commerce clauses, equal protection, racial equality, equal rights for the sexes, and the ethical considerations in the practice of constitutional law.

  • Semester
  • 5 Credits

Business/Contract Law Honors - Elective (Fall) - Grades 11, 12

Prerequisite: A junior or senior level student enrolled in either the Business or Law Magnet program.

This course examines the basics of contract formation and performance, product warranties, product liability, and all in the context of business legal issues, and the ethical considerations in the practice of business law.

  • Semester
  • 5 Credits


Prerequisite: A junior level student enrolled in the Law Magnet program.

A study of California real estate law, including consumer rights, agency and contracts, probate proceedings, trust deeds, and foreclosures, as well as recent legislation governing real estate transactions, estates in law, and several other important real property topics.

  • Semester
  • 5 Credits


Pat Ahle
Program Director
949.493.9307 Ext. 7077


The Law Magnet Program curriculum as well as the textbooks and instructional methods are similar to what students will experience in law school. Download the sample 4-year plan below.