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Lion Engage Middle School Summer Program

July 8-12, 2019


Designed for students entering grades 6-8, Lion Engage offers prospective students the opportunity to explore their passions and prepare for high school life at JSerra through hands-on courses and engaging activities. Students will learn from passionate instructors, build relationships with high school student mentors, and develop their academic interests!

Lion Engage is a week-long, full-day (8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.) program intended to expose students to diverse facets of high school life. Each student will have the opportunity to choose two academic sessions in the morning, and one activity session in the afternoon.

Academic Sessions (Choose 2)

Band & Orchestra - David Amrein (1st session only)
Business - Lexi Pierce
Engineering - Michelle Chenault (FULL)
Graphic Design - Jeff Kahl
Law - Pat Ahle
Marine Biology - Krysten Pushckor
Studio Art - Brad Smith
Theatre - Robb Rigg
TV Broadcasting - Sara Brechbill (FULL)
Ukuele - Rachel Asmus (2nd session only)

Activity Sessions (Choose 1)

Boys and Girls Basketball - Keith Wilkinson
Boys and Girls Sand Volleyball - Michael Clark
Boys and Girls Soccer - Erik Kirsch
Boys and Girls Tennis - Kirk and Keith Orahood
Boys and Girls Track & Field - Mickey Miela
Choir - Rachel Asmus
Lion Report - Sara Brechbill
Photography - Nick Davies (FULL)
Rock Band - David Amrein (FULL)

Daily Schedule

Session Time
Drop off and check in 8:00-8:30 a.m.
Academic Session 1 8:30-10:00 a.m.
Campus Ministry + Snacks 10:00-10:30 a.m.
Academic Session 2 10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Lunch 12:00-12:30 p.m.
Activity Session 12:30-2:00 p.m.
JSerra Experience 2:00-3:00 p.m.
Pick up and check out 3:00 p.m.


Lion Engage is $350 per student. Registration is now closed for Summer 2019.



Bret Dahlson
Admissions Coordinator
949.493.9307 Ext. 1152 bdahlson@jserra.org.

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Business | Mrs. Alexandria Pierce

Students will participate in fun, interactive, hands-on activities based on real-life business scenarios. Students will learn about business basics from branding to pricing and selling strategies. JSerra student leaders from the Business Magnet Program assist in games, activities, and scavenger hunts.

Choir | Mrs. Rachel Asmus

The JSerra Award wining choirs have received superior recognitions at domestic and international festivals. The choirs explore all genres such as classical, contemporary, barbershop, jazz, and world music! Come sing with current singers with a focus on folk music and dance from Africa! No experience necessary!

Engineering | Mrs. Michele Chenault

The Engineering Department is excited to offer Bottle Rockets, Paper Airplane Launchers and Puzzle Cubes this summer.  Bottle Rockets and Paper Airplane Launchers are both great physical science teaching tools ever because they help students understand the principles of aeronautics, manipulate and control variables and introduce the concepts of inertia, air resistance, Newton's laws of motion, relationships between work and energy and momentum all including the practice of true engineering.  Finally, puzzle cube making will utilize the skills of constraints, design and statistical analysis.

Graphic Design | Mr. Jeff Kahl

Graphic Design is an art class providing students a hands-on, working understanding of Adobe Illustrator within the Apple iMac environment. Students will create original digital illustrations, accompanied by full-color printouts of their work.

Law | Mr. Patrick Ahle

The Law Magnet Lion Engage Program offers participating students the opportunity to work with teachers and attorneys on many of the same activities law students do during their four years at JSerra.  For example, topics will include learning about and conducting contract negotiations, trial practice activities like questioning witnesses and creating and presenting an opening statement for a trial, a courthouse tour of the Central Justice Center, learning how to object in a trial via a great computer game, and several other law related activities.  It is a fast-paced and interesting program!

Marine Biology | Mrs. Krysten Pushckor

Students will be introduced to subjects that include the nature of living things, biological systems, ecosystems, marine biology, biology of plants and animals, human biology, and ecology. The students will learn how to perform a lab using deductive reasoning and the scientific method. Classes will be conducted in 90min sessions. Please wear comfortable clothing and close-toed shoes.

Medical | Dr. Betty Cappelletti

If you love science and are interested in the medical field, then you will love this workshop! Students will receive hands-on experience using medical equipment and discussing science topics. Students will be able to interact with our body simulator, learn how to read an EKG, work with microscopes and a spectrophotometer, and much more!

Rock Band | Mr. David Amrein

Students will be placed in bands to arrange and perform covers of popular rock and roll songs. Must have previous experience playing guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, horn (saxophone, trumpet, trombone), or vocals.

Studio Art | Mr. Brad Smith

Studio Art is a fun course designed to keep the active middle school student engaged and having fun! Lessons meet the needs of the most basic and most advanced art students. Participants will be introduced to elements of art and principles of design through the creation of art projects. Materials provided may include, but are not limited to, watercolor paints, markers, colored pencils, paper, plaster, and yarn.

Theater | Mr. Robert Rigg

In Theatre sessions students will  their find self confidence and their voice! They will also learn to be a better communicator all through theatre games while just having fun!

Track & Field | Mr. Mickey Miela

Learn how to run fast, jump high and leap far in the track and field course at Lion Engage! Athletes will receive top coaching in events such as Long Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault, and all sprinting events. The final day will come to a climax with time trial competitions!


Experience what it's like to be an on-camera news reporter and try your hand at real behind-the-scenes studio news production. Elite JSerra TV Broadcast students will assist and mentor your child in producing his or her own news piece and while going into the Lion Report studio to experience a real studio production.

Ukulele | Mrs. Rachel Asmus

ALOHA! Pick up a uku and learn the basics of the Hawaiian instrument; how to tune and read tabs, play chords and melodies, and implement different strum patterns. We will play and sing hit songs and have a mini performance at the end of the week! A concert soprano ukulele will be provided and no previous experience is necessary!