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Questions? Please contact Bret Dahlson at 949.493.9307 Ext. 1152 or bdahlson@jserra.org.


Beginning Guitar | Mr. David Amrein

Have you ever wanted to learn to play the guitar? In this session, we’ll start at the very beginning and progress through open chords. This course is most appropriate for the complete or near beginner — no prior experience is necessary. Students will also have some limited exposure to related instruments like drums, bass, keyboards, and ukulele. Students are required to supply their own guitar.

Business | Mrs. Alexandria Pierce

This workshop includes learning about creating a product and a company mission statement, the basics of financing a product, website construction, and product marketing. Students will attend a presentation by a regional business leader and discuss issues facing a start-up or mature business, as well as participate in a Shark Tank scenario.

Engineering | Mrs. Michele Chenault

Come and spend a week working with bottle rockets, bridge building, and puzzle cubes this summer! Through the use of bottle rockets, students will explore the principles of aeronautics while manipulating control variables and introducing the concepts of inertia, air resistance, and Newton’s laws of motion. Through bridge building, students will utilize different building materials, trusses, tension and compression while battling the elements. Both of these units will utilize STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) connections specifically investigating friction, gravity, acceleration and shape/load comparisons. Finally, making puzzle cubes will utilize the skills of constraints, design, and statistical analysis.


Receive REAL broadcasting experience in TV and Video Production! Learn the basics of shooting and editing videos while experiencing what it's like to produce a News show in a real, state-of-the art production studio!

Graphic Design | Mr. Jeff Kahl

Graphic Design is an Art class that utilizes the powerful software program, Adobe Illustrator CS6, within the Apple MacIntosh environment. We will explore the role of the artist as a mass communicator — one who seeks bold simplicity of form — as well as touch on the five basic elements of design: line, color, shape, space and texture. Each student will conclude the week by creating an original, professional logo depicting a fictional company.

Law | Mr. Patrick Ahle

Students will learn constitutional law, evidence, and trial law. They will tour a courthouse, participate in an engaging mock trial computer game, conduct a mini-trial, and have current students as mentors.

Marine Biology | Ms. Kayla Gradillas

Marine Biology will chart a course with experiential labs and hands on investigation into the History, Science, and Ecology of Human exploration into the Ocean. Topics covered will include:

  • Great Navigators and Explorers - Cook, Cousteau, Cameron
  • Oceanographic Systems – Oceanography, Maps, Sea Floor Models
  • Marine Animal Anatomy - Fish, Lobster, Shark, Plankton
  • Seaweed Salad!

Medical | Dr. Betty Cappelletti

If you love science and are interested in the medical field, then you will love this workshop! Students will receive hands-on experience using medical equipment and discussing science topics. Students will be able to interact with our body simulator, learn how to read an EKG, work with microscopes and a spectrophotometer, and much more!

Rock Band | Mr. David Amrein

This course is designed for the intermediate or advanced student musicians who play guitar, drums, bass, keyboards, horns (trumpet, saxophone, or trombone), or who have experience singing rock/pop music. Beginner students may enroll as long as they also complete Beginning Guitar in Session 1. Students will form groups and learn to play cover songs. Students are encouraged to bring their own instruments when possible.

Studio Art: Creativity Workshop | Mrs. Thea Campbell

Studio Art is a fun course designed to keep the active middle school student engaged and having fun! Lessons meet the needs of the most basic and most advanced art students. Participants will be introduced to elements of art and principles of design through the creation of art projects. Materials provided may include, but are not limited to, watercolor paints, markers, colored pencils, paper, plaster, and yarn.

Theater | Ms. Elise Ybarra

Students will delve into the foundations of performance and develop their skills through improvisation play, scene study, and character exploration. The week culminates in a performance of scenes rehearsed and directed in class that showcase their new knowledge of exploring action/objective, characterization, and engaging ensemble performance.