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Will I fit in at JSerra if I am not Catholic?

JSerra Catholic High School proudly welcomes students of all faiths and religious backgrounds. Currently, 55% of our student body identifies themselves as Catholic while the other half embraces different religious backgrounds and teachings. The mission of JSerra is not to convert students to the Catholic faith but rather to help each student grow in their own journey of faith and in their own spirituality. Each student, regardless of faith background, is required to attend our weekly school Mass and take four years of religion courses.

Does JSerra have good academic programs?

Students that attend JSerra receive a rigorous college-prep education that prepares each student to excel academically at the highest level. Our young men and women are consistently admitted into the best colleges and universities and excel beyond the classroom.

Is my son or daughter able to play a sport?

At the heart of JSerra's mission is our commitment to form young men and women in the areas of faith, intellect, and character. We strongly believe that one of the ways to grow in character is the opportunity to play a sport and interact with other students in a team environment.

With 23 CIF sports, JSerra not only thrives competitively in the Trinity League but also offers no-cut programs in every sport. Providing multiple levels within each sport allows each student the opportunity to play in high school regardless of their skill level. JSerra also encourages our student-athletes to play multiple sports and our coaches work together to make this a smooth transition.

What if my son or daughter is not interested in sports?

That's perfectly fine! Not every student that attends JSerra chooses to participate in an athletic program. JSerra offers fine arts programs and close to 50 different clubs, offering something of interest for everyone. To view a list of our current clubs, please click here.

Is financial assistance available for families?

All families requiring financial help are encouraged to submit a Financial Grant application. Over $3.1 million in grants was awarded to families for the 2016-2017 academic year. Learn more about financial grants here.


Financial grants are based on W-2's, tax returns, and financial need.


No. The financial grant you are given is an award that does not need to be paid back.

How does JSerra handle disciplinary problems?

We pride ourselves on creating a safe and disciplined learning environment for our students and families. Our Admissions team reviews each new application thoroughly and our two full-time deans make sure that each current student feels safe and secure.


JSerra does not allow cell phone usage on campus. If students need to call their parents, they are allowed to use their phones with permission from a teach or administrator.

I am so grateful to the JSerra Admissions team. They helped us through each step of the way — starting with the Shadow Day through various events and all the way to the end of the application and financial grant processes. They made me, my wife, and our son feel confident that we made the right choice.

Glen C., Parent