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Tuition & Grants

JSerra Catholic High School is committed to making a quality, faith-based education accessible to all qualified students — regardless of financial means. Grants are based on need, academic achievement, leadership, service, talent, and other criteria.

Historically, JSerra awards grants in excess of $4M annually. More than one-third of students who currently attend JSerra receive some level of financial support.

529 Education Savings Plan

A recent tax bill includes a new provision for families who pay private school tuition. The 529 plan, which is an educational savings plan that parents can contribute to with after-tax dollars (thus allowing your money to grow free of any capital gains taxes when used for higher education expenses), has been expanded. Under the new tax bill, families will be able to withdraw $10,000 each year (per child) to pay for private or religious school and receive the same tax benefits available for higher education. We encourage our families to discuss the 529 plan strategy with your tax professional to see if there is a tax benefit for you.

JSerra works with each family to make a catholic education possible — no matter your income level.
Lynette R., Parent

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For grants and scholarships, contact Chris Harrington at 949.493.9307 Ext. 1011 or charrington@jserra.org.


For tuition and student tuition loans, contact Liz Morrison at 949.493.9021 or emorrison@jserra.org.

More than 35% of JSerra students receive some level of financial support.