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The Paw Print

JSerra Catholic High School experimented with a school newspaper early in its founding, but it never truly “took hold” or found a permanent home. In the Fall of 2010 we decided to resurrect a school newspaper and keep it flourishing. That first year back, we created a class that was divided into journalism and creative writing, each discipline receiving one semester. The school newspaper, newly christened The Paw Print, was a success. We then decided to establish The Paw Print as its own full-year course.

The Paw Print was originally printed on over-sized “rag” paper stock to accentuate the look of a real newspaper. As The Paw Print evolved (via student feedback), the format changed — shifting from a traditional newspaper style to a magazine style in both size and look. . . .

The result is a sleek, full-color, high-gloss publication. And while many in the school community wanted a digital, online newspaper only, we stood firm, explaining that a printed piece has the longevity and permanence that a digital file just could not match. The ability to hold something in one’s hand, without the burden of computers, iPhones, and electricity, was a major factor in keeping with tradition.

The Paw Print is a Fine Arts, UC-approved elective class that meets during the normal school day. All grade levels are welcome. Students write articles (chosen by the class during “brainstorming” sessions) and original opinion pieces (topics important to each student, personally). The only prerequisites to the class are a love of writing and a willingness to talk to people!