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Jamie Rodgers

Jamie Rodgers

Director of Athletic Training
Kasey Kavanagh

Kasey Kavanagh

Athletic Trainer

Sports Medicine

Mission Statement

In support of our primary goals of spiritual, intellectual and physical development of its students, the mission of the JSerra Athletic Training Program is to fashion a program founded on integrity, accountability and scientific evidence-based doctrine.

The Athletic Training staff will provide every student-athlete with the most comprehensive, highest quality, individual sports medicine health care available in a professional, efficient, compassionate and service-oriented manner.

A diversified program of prevention, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation will assure a positive healthy recovery experience, an improved quality of life, a safe return to full athletic participation and continued athletic success.

What Is Athletic Training?

From on-field emergency care to follow-up treatment and rehabilitation, athletic trainers provide professional health care to injured athletes. A main focus for the athletic trainer is prevention of athletic injuries. They work closely with the rest of the sports medicine team, including doctors, physical therapists, coaches and parents.

To become a certified athletic trainer one must earn a bachelors or masters degree from an accredited athletic training education program and pass a comprehensive exam administered by the Board of Certification. Once certified, they must meet additional continuing education units to remain certified. For more information on athletic training visit the National Athletic Trainers’ Association website at nata.org.


If you have any questions regarding the JSerra Athletic Training Program, please contact Mr. Jamie Rodgers at 949.43.9307 ext. 5122.


California law mandates that all coaches must receive training on concussions. Additionally, California law mandates that all CIF member schools must comply with the following: a concussion and head injury information sheet must be signed and returned annually by the athlete and the athlete's parent or guardian before the athlete's initiating practice or competition.

Below are documents from the CIF Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC) that schools and districts may use to meet this mandate which informs parents and students on concussion signs and symptoms.

Concussion Information Sheet

The CIF Concussion Information Sheet has general information on concussions including signs and symptoms, return to learn and return to play. This sheet is in compliance with CIF Bylaw 503.H. – Concussion Protocol and California State Law AB 25 (Education Code § 49475).

Physician Letter to School Form

The Physician Letter to School Form is the form that your physician (MD or DO only) will fill out and you will return to the athletic training staff.

Return to Learn (RTL)

These two (2) documents (below) are to assist the concussed student to “return to the classroom and learning environment” in a scientific manner regarding brain activity.

The CIF Concussion Return to Learn (RTL) Protocol Form is the recommendations for returning to the classroom environment.

The CIF Physician (MD/DO) Recommended School Accommodations Following Concussion Form is also to be completed by your physician and will be returned to the athletic training staff.

Return to Practice and Play (RTP)

Medical science and concussion care experts have found that a concussed athlete must take a gradual and progressive, stage by stage, step by step return to practice under medical supervision to minimize risks and allow the brain to properly recover.

A.B. 2127 and CIF Bylaws mandated a MINIMUM timeline, but medical experts recognize that many adolescent concussion patients may take much longer to recover. Always be cautious as returning to practice and play too quickly may have catastrophic consequences.

The CIF Concussion Return to Play Protocol Form will be used by the JSerra Athletic Training Staff to safely return your student-athlete back to competition following a head injury or concussion.