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Independent schools like JSerra rely on three primary sources of revenue: tuition, annual fund, and endowment.

JSerra is committed to strengthening our financial resiliency. Since 2003, we have focused on building the facilities needed to house our outstanding programs and developing a consistently successful annual fund to support the operating budget.

We celebrate the leaders whose strategic efforts and philanthropy made JSerra the exception school it is today. But now this is our time to impact JSerra’s present and plan for a future of promise and possibility by significantly growing our endowment.

The endowment distinguishes itself from tuition and annual fund revenues in several critical ways:

  • Unlike tuition income and annual fund gifts, an endowment provides a stable source of revenue for decades to come
  • An endowment strengthens the position of the school by smoothing out the cycles of unpredictable ups and downs of economic change
  • Every dollar invested in JSerra’s endowment is multiplied as the endowment grows and generates income for the school
  • Endowment helps to buffer the need for ever-higher tuition by providing a non-tuition-based source of income
  • The amount of a school’s endowment is a key indicator of a school’s competitive strength and long-term viability

An endowment is not a luxury for an independent school — it is a necessity.

In its delivery of reliable near-term support, its promise of resources in perpetuity, and its facilitating of long-term planning, no financial vehicle can match the vitality and power of an endowment — and arguably, no gift can deliver such lasting value to JSerra.

Current Endowment Funds

  • The Future Saints Fund
  • DuPont Business Magnet Fund
  • Faculty Development Fund
  • The Lantz Family Hockey Endowment