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Club Sports

With 27 athletic teams, 24 CIF sports, and 5 club sports, a wide variety of high school and youth camps, and a state-of-the-art 30-acre athletic campus, we believe that character-building is more important than winning — and our students do, too! Over 82% of our student body participates in a CIF or club sport.

JSerra is a part of the InSideOut Initiative, which transforms the current "win-at-all-costs" sports culture in which value is often defined by the scoreboard into one
that defines and promotes sports as a human growth experience.

Through well-defined pathways, supportive leadership, and intentional coaching, students will develop much more than the physical skills of a game. They will develop the capacity to lead productive, morally rich, and empathetic lives that will result in the betterment of society.


Explore Club Sports

"Our Club Sports offer additional athletic pursuits that are innovative, supportive, and meet the needs of students' minds, bodies, and souls."

~ Donna Vandenberg, Vice Principal