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The JSerra Surf Team focuses on creating a community of students who love surfing, surfing with team members in the mornings, and competing in surf competitions against local schools.

All levels are welcome whether your student is a beginner or advanced surfer whether you prefer longboards, shortboards, stand-ups, or bodyboards! We welcome all wave-riding enthusiasts.

The team participates in the Scholastic Surf Series.

Group of surfers sitting in front of a lifeguard tower on the beach.
Teenage girl with brown hair wears an orange rashguard and carries a yellow surfboard.
Two teen girls wearing black surf suits are sitting on their surfboards in the ocean.
Two teen boys are standing on the beach in front of the ocean. One boy has a black jacket on; the other has a pink towel wrap


Interested in learning more about the JSerra Surf Team? Please email  Surf Team Coach Jeff Noviello.



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