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Nearly 98% of all JSerra students participate in at least one club. We encourage students to explore their hobbies and goals by joining a club that appeals to their interests. With nearly 50 clubs, there's something for everyone.
Donna Vandenberg, Vice Principal


Do you have questions about ASG Leadership or student activities? Contact Activities Director Mrs. Michele Chenault at mchenault@jserra.org or 949.493.9307 Ext. 5121.


A club is defined as a student-initiated, maintained, driven and inclusive group that continuously and consistently aligns itself with the Christ-centered goals, vision and purpose of JSerra. Further, these groups may choose to affiliate with a larger, national non-profit organization, but must keep in mind that this larger organization must fall within the same regimented scope as stated above.

Types of Clubs

  1. Service, which focuses on the welfare of a group or communities through health, education, etc.
  2. Extracurricular, which focuses on enhancing academics
  3. Social, which focuses on cultivating school spirit or strengthening student camaraderie

Starting a Club

  1. Select a club moderator. Ask a teacher to moderate the club. The moderator's role is to supervise meetings, events, and activities.
  2. Complete the Club Application and SOP Manual.
  3. Set up a regular meeting time and dates to meet with your club members once your club has been approved.
  4. You will be contacted via your school email for your club presentation time with ASG. Club presentations are scheduled for May 22, 2018 in Room #3217.


Service Clubs

Caring Cupcakes Emily O'Berry Chloe Julian To bake cupcakes monthly for the homeless and read at different homeless shelters, organizations, and elderly homes.
Caritas Christi Bridget Desmond Morgan Strnad To serve the JSerra community. Available only to 25 seniors.
Eco Club Olivia Huie Simon Wang To benefit the Jserra community through environmental services. The club sponsors a school-wide recycling program and the club meets weekly in the Counseling office.
Girl Up JSerra Lori Austin Kiana Sedigh To raise money for girls in developing countries who don't have enough money to afford an education, but instead get married to an older man and have children when they are still kids themselves.
Habitat for Humanity David Enger Katrina Reinart To raise money for Habitat for Humanity and work in tangent with the organization to participate in building houses for less fortunate people.
Haiti Club Tom Jaso Sophie Kempf To support Free the Kids, Inc. that funds a local orphanage in Haiti.
HALO (Dance for Autism) Anne-Marie McClellan Madeliene Bredek To educate and serve children with Autism to achieve the highest level of independence in their home, school and community through supportive therapies. This call to action is expressed through the use of the art of dance to promote awareness.
Helping Hands

Teri Fleiss

Hope Haythorne To help our immediate community by getting involved with the younger generations as well as the older generations. We will do this by partnering with Kinoshita Elementary and Silverado Senior Center then expand out to other places.
Humble Helpers Foundation Zach Eckert Aimee Garibay-Gutierrez Humble Helpers is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing help to homeless people. We provide basic necessities to homeless people such as food bags, clothing, hygiene kits and blankets.
Injured Scholars Fund Jennifer McAdam Aiden Brotman To raise funds and awareness for foundations, like Swim With Mike, that benefits people affected by a spinal cord injuries.
JSerra Youth Musicians David Amrein Simon Wang To perform at local senior centers and elementary schools as well as interact with the people we are playing music for.
Laura's Hearts Barby Hirsch Alexandra Pavy To work with Laura's House and provide service opportunities and help women and children in unfavorable situations.
LEAD Program Stephanie House   To help the Admissions Department interact with prospective families via Admissions events and Shadow Days.
Life Leaders Michele Chenault Makenna Collick To assist freshman through the transition from middle school to high school.
Live for Others Michael Monette Morgan Strnad To raise awareness and funds for the Live for Others Foundation and to find a cure for rare childhood cancers, such as Synovial Cell Sarcoma, while honoring alum Tim Vorenkamp.
Paws for a Cause Lisa Gabriel-Licavoli Rebecca Baum To create happiness around our local community by bringing together people and dogs through the joy of pet therapy.
Pink Ribbon Club Michele Chenault Brooke Hall To donate to breast cancer research, educate the public about current findings, and help with awareness week at JSerra.
Pro-Life Club Matthew Tuzsynski Megan Giacobetti To inform the community about the pro-life movement.
Raise Love Zach Eckert Emily Wilson To be a hands-on service club that works with several local organizations and charities (e.g., the Ronald McDonald House, FAM [Family Assistance Ministries], Meals on Wheels, etc.).
Read 2 Heal Amy Hemphill Valentina Osorio To serve and enrich the community by donating books, e-readers, and magazines to local non-profit organizations.
Red Cross Tom Smith Alison Luekenach To hold two blood drives (fall and spring) and run monthly activities to raise and send funds to the American Red Cross.
Serra's Helpers Courtney Martz Sofia Burton To volunteer at least once a month at Serra's Pantry in San Juan Capistrano.
Special Olympics Pat Reidy Christina Prekopa To serve athletes with special needs and help them achieve their dreams of participating in the Special Olympics.
Spirit Buds Beth Waterman Bethany Shrove To help out at sporting events hosted by Spirit League (a year-round sports league whose participants are high-functioning autistic students) by passing out waters, acting as referees, and hanging out with the players.


3D Makerz Dr. Jan Kilduff Isabella Sills To educate others about 3D printing and utilize this knowledge as a means to impact people's lives.
Ambition Achieved Jun Li Jeff Tang To educate others about the tricks on how to learn things fast and will challenge the club members to devise their own study methods.
Architecture Club Brad Smith Bill Li To educate others on the history of architecture and to introduce basic concepts of architectural design.
Biology Olympiad Betty Cappelletti Emily Bush To help students prepare for the Biology Olympiad and expand their knowledge of Biology.
California Scholarship Federation Wendy Adam & Teresa Huston   To foster high standards of scholarship, service and citizenship, and encourage all students to strive for excellence.
Cyber Patriot Dr. Jan Kilduff Sean Griswold To compete in the National Cyber Security competition, hosted by the Air Force, and learn about cyber security and data encryption.
Dream Catcher Lamar Sulaka Mocha Chen To take photos and film videos for people who cannot afford to have family portraits, wedding pictures, Christmas photos, baby videos. During the process students will learn about filming and photography skills.
FBLA Alexandra Pierce Christiana Prekopa To develop future leaders who are prepared, knowledgeable and skilled in the global business environment.
French Club Cherie Atighetchi Hailey Zehren To express French culture.
JSA: Junior State of America Patrick Ahle Kayla Ghodsi To help high school students acquire leadership skills and the knowledge necessary to be effective debaters and civic participants.
JSerra Robotics Club Dr. Kilduff Megan Giacobetti To build fun robots and participate in Robotic competitions.
Latin Club Giorgio Selvaggio Aidan Auci To bring the Latin language back to life. To give motivated students the opportunity to study Latin and learn more about Roman Culture.
Lion Ambassadors Sarah Swaykus Tony Xu To welcome and integrate our international students into the JSerra family.
MUN Ron Misiow Richard Fu To prepare students for the MUN conferences, mock trials and to improve student's public speaking, speech and debate, language usage, and critical thinking skills. To also enhance students understanding about international issue in the modern society.
National Honor Society Carol deBoisblanc   To maintain and extend the qualities of scholarship, leadership, service, and character as we use our personal talents and skills for the improvement of both self and society.
Spanish Club Lorena Amaro Madison McGuill To bring together students interested in expanding their knowledge of the Spanish culture through the exploration of the Spanish language, art and tradition.
Speech and Debate Jeff Kahl Emanuelle Stewart To talk about controversial issues, improve public speaking skills, and breed a sense of competition.
TLC: Transfer Lions Club Olivia Huie Daniela Rugeti To help transfer students in their transition to JSerra and to introduce them to the JSerra community.


Social Clubs

ASB Club Michele Chenault Mackenzie Isaksen To help decorate locations for school activities, rallies, and dances to ramp up school spirit.
Animando Notes Catherine Forbush Siqi Wang To enjoy music and rehearse performances for senior centers.
Badminton Club Sarah Swaykus Tony Xu To promote badminton, make new friends and practice improving physical strength.
Bucket Brigade Michael Monette Jack Hemphill To support the PRIDE student cheering section of all Athletic events and work with the Pep Squad at all events. This club is comprised of students who want to learn how to use trash cans, buckets, and drums to beat out rhythms along with our school chants and cheers.
Calligraphy Club Jun Li Faith Wong To bring students together to learn about the art of calligraphy.
Fellowship of Lion Athletes (FLA) TBA Tyler Shimomura To encourage athletes to utilize their platform as athletes to bring glory to God.
Glee Club Jeff Kahl Avery Riddle To enjoy performing together and also bring back the spring talent show to showcase the talent at JSerra.
Improv Robert Rigg Jordyn Kerley To learn the basics of improvisation and to perform using these skills.
JAM! (Jazz and Music) David Amrein Aiden Brotman To improve the musical spirit of JSerra by creating a group of musical enthusiasts, musicians or not, to join together and have jam sessions.
Philosophy Club Jonathan Telles Julia Kreuger To encourage members to think about questions that matter to them while providing an idea-driven and open-minded environment for students to challenge their views and intellect.
Polynesian Club (Poly Club) Monica Celaya Jaya/Takoda Shelby To bring the Polynesian culture closer together, to learn/show everyone the traditions and dances and to help others to use this new knowledge to encourage and show school spirit.
Rubik's Cube Club Michele Murphy James Zhao To use mechanical educational toys, like Rubik's cubes and other types of toys, to talk about the culture and history of these toys.
Soul Sisters Emily O'Berry Sophie Kharileh To learn to be a daughter of God and what it means to be a woman and create a better female environment at school.
Swing Kids Robert Rigg Isabella Sills To promote the knowledge of Swing dance and involve today's youth in yesterday's culture.