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Nearly 98% of all JSerra students participate in at least one club. We encourage students to explore their hobbies and goals by joining a club that appeals to their interests. With nearly 50 clubs, there's something for everyone.
Donna Vandenberg, Vice Principal


Do you have questions about ASG Leadership or student activities? Contact Activities Director Mrs. Jessica Summers at jsummers@jserra.org.


A club is defined as a student-initiated, maintained, driven and inclusive group that continuously and consistently aligns itself with the Christ-centered goals, vision and purpose of JSerra. Further, these groups may choose to affiliate with a larger, national non-profit organization, but must keep in mind that this larger organization must fall within the same regimented scope as stated above.

Types of Clubs

  1. Service, which focuses on the welfare of a group or communities through health, education, etc.
  2. Extracurricular, which focuses on enhancing academics
  3. Social, which focuses on cultivating school spirit or strengthening student camaraderie

Starting a CLUB

  1. Select a club moderator. Ask a teacher to moderate the club. The moderator's role is to supervise meetings, events, and activities.
  2. Complete the Club Application and SOP Manual.
  3. Set up a regular meeting time and dates to meet with your club members once your club has been approved.
  4. You will be contacted via your school email for your club presentation time with ASG. The date for club presentations will be announced at a later date.