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Clubs are excellent opportunities for students to explore their interests, grow their talents and skills, and form new friendships. Nearly every single student at JSerra (99% of the student body) is a member of at least one club.

A club is defined as a student-initiated, maintained, driven and inclusive group that continuously and consistently aligns itself with the Christ-centered goals, vision and purpose of JSerra.

Clubs may choose to affiliate with a larger, national non-profit organization but the larger organization must fall within the same regimented scope as stated above. Clubs must have a minimum of 10 consistent student members and must apply or re-apply for active status each school year.

Types of Clubs

  • Service clubs focus on the welfare of a group/community through health, education, etc. Any JSerra faculty or staff member may be a moderator of a service club.
    Certain clubs based on their categorization will be eligible for Christian Service hours.
  • Extra-curricular clubs are geared towards enhancing academic courses offered on campus through a direct tie to the curriculum (e.g., French Club). Clubs that apply for this classification must have a moderator that is a teacher of that subject matter.
  • Social clubs are focused on increasing student body spirit and providing social outlets. These clubs can meet and conduct club business on campus. Any JSerra faculty or staff member may be a moderator of a social club.
  • Competitive clubs offer multiple opportunities to compete and participate in events throughout the year but are not affiliated with JSerra Athletics. (Usually entails a fee for the competition.)

Explore our lists of clubs by type!


Student Federations

Student federations are teacher-led and require students to apply and meet minimum requirements to remain members (e.g., California Scholarship Federation, National Honor Society) or participate as mentors (e.g., Transfer Lions Club). Explore our student federations below:

"Clubs are a premiere opportunity for students to find fellowship in a shared interest and friendship through shared experiences."

~ Zach Eckert, Vice Principal of Student Formation and Leadership