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A club is defined as a student-initiated, maintained, driven and inclusive group that continuously and consistently aligns itself with the Christ-centered goals, vision and purpose of JSerra. Further, these groups may choose to affiliate with a larger, national non-profit organization, but must keep in mind that this larger organization must fall within the same regimented scope as stated above.

Types of Clubs

  1. Service, which focuses on the welfare of a group or communities through health, education, etc.
  2. Extracurricular, which focuses on enhancing academics
  3. Social, which focuses on cultivating school spirit or strengthening student camaraderie

Starting a Club

  1. Select a club moderator. Ask a teacher to moderate the club. The moderator's role is to supervise meetings, events, and activities.
  2. Complete the Club Application and SOP Manual.
  3. Set up a regular meeting time and dates to meet with your club members once your club has been approved.
  4. You will be contacted via your school email for your club presentation time with ASG. Club presentations are scheduled for May 22, 2018 in Room #3217.


Nearly 98% of all JSerra students participate in at least one club. We encourage students to explore their hobbies and goals by joining a club that appeals to their interests. With nearly 50 clubs, there's something for everyone.
Donna Vandenberg, Vice Principal of Student Life


Do you have questions about ASG Leadership or student activities? Contact Activities Director Mrs. Michele Chenault at mchenault@jserra.org or 949.493.9307 Ext. 5121.

Service Clubs

Aid AfricaDavid FickIsabella AbusaidTo help raise money and awareness to the less priviledged places in Africa.
American Red CrossTom Smith
Maddie and Ellie ErrettTo help save lives through the selfless art of donating blood to those in need twice a year.
A Note of Love
Sarah DonovanJacquelyn DalkeTo send cards and care packages to children in the hospital, soldiers, and others to show love.
Art for Alzheimer'sLorena AmaroArta HarizaviTo raise awareness for Alzheimer's through the artwork of Jserra students. Donations to the American Alzheimer's Association (AAA) will receive artwork in return for their donations.
Caring CupcakesSarah SwaykusYasmin BalciTo bake cupcakes monthly for the homeless and read at homeless shelters, organizations, and elderly homes.
Caritas ChristiBridget Desmond
To serve the JSerra community. Available only to 25 seniors.
Eco ClubOlivia HuieInho SongTo benefit the JSerra community through environmental services. The club sponsors a school-wide recycling program and meets weekly in the Counseling office.
Fun & FriendshipJennifer HarlowGrace HanlonTo provide a social outlet and friendship to teens with developmental disabilities. Christian Service hours will be available for service at these events.
Geriatric Club

Betty Cappelletti

Sera ShaughnessyTo aid those in the elderly community who are less fortunate and in need of Christian compassion, care and support.
Girl UpLori AustinKiana SedighTo raise funds for girls in developing countries to help them get educated, see a doctor, and be safer from violence.
Gowns for Gals/Ties for GuysMichele ChenaultRachel KangTo collect dresses to do a JSerra formal dress swap and eventually when inventory is high enough, host an event at a less fortunate high school and give the dresses to those underprivileged girls.
Habitat for HumanityFr. DamienLauren Feldman and Ashley Reiner
To help out local churches in need of funding or services as they build homes in the community. This will include donating our time or monies raised by club fundraisers to branches of Habitat for Humanity.
Haiti ClubTom JasoMegan Giacobetti
To raise awareness for those affected by the 2009 Earthquake and to donate fundraising profits to orphaned nations.
Investing in PhilanthropyDavid EngerHolland GreeneDesigned to merge the ideas of investing and donating, as a club we “invest” raised funds in charities while learning business strategies.
Key Club

David Enger

Maddison MicalizziTo provide its members with opportunities to perform service, build character and develop leadership.
Kindness CountsDonna VandenbergCaitlin MuellerTo bring awareness to how hurtful words are against each other and create a unified stand against bullying. This club is associated with a nationwide program called Kind Campaign (girl vs. girl bullying).
LEAD ProgramStephanie House
To help the Admissions department interact with prospective families through Admissions events and Shadow day.
Link CrewMichele Chenault
To assist freshmen through the transition from middle school to high school.
Live for Others
Michael MonetteJack (John) GriesemerTo raise awareness for the Live for Others Foundation and rare cancer such as Synovial Cell Sarcoma. Live for Others honors alumnus Tim Vorenkamp.
MSing with MSCristen FullertonNatalie EansorTo support the MS Society and people surviving with M.S. throughout our community with care packages, meals, and get-togethers.
NEGUMichele ChenaultAshley KempfTo help encourage children who have cancer and their families through work with NEGU Foundation using JoyJars.
Orange Ribbon ClubMichiel Besseling
To raise awareness about Leukemia and Lymphoma raise money to find a cure.
Peru ClubLaura KennedyAshley Kempf and Serene SantoroTo travel to Peru and complete missionary work while spreading joy.
Pictures for PatientsLorena AmaroJack (John) CollierTo connect students to patients with Alzheimer's and give back to the community.
Pink Ribbon Club

Michele Chenault

Brooke HallTo donate to breast cancer research, educate the public about current findings and help with awareness week at JSerra.
Pro-Life ClubMatthew Tuzsynski

Sera Shaughnessy

To inform students of what it actually means to be pro-life — that you support all forms and stages of life and their purpose.
Read 2 HealAmy HemphillUwaysah AliTo serve and enrich the community by donating books, e-readers, and magazines to local nonprofit organizations — including The Boys & Girls Club of SJC and CHOC Children's Hospital.
Save the ChildrenMatthew Tuzsynski

Mariclare Coffin

To fundraise and raise awareness for kids in need in various locations and situations internationally.
Serra's HelpersEmily MeyersChristina Piedra
To give back to the less fortunate residing in SJC — one grocery bag at a time.
Special OlympicsPat ReidyChristina PrekopaTo serve athletes with special needs and help them achieve their dreams of participating in the Special Olympics.
Trace UgandaDavid EngerMichelle LiuTo fundraise for Trace Uganda under the UN and provide donations for homeless children (under 18) in Uganda.
Voices Across the SeaSr. Maria CorazonJuliane ZanidesTo educate impoverished Columbian and Tibetian orphans in the English language by engaging in an English Diction and Comprehension program with the children via audio recordings.


3D MakerzMichele ChenaultIsabella SillsTo educate others about 3D printing and utilize this knowledge as a means to impact people's lives.
Animando NotesCatherine ForbushStephanie Wang (Siqi)To allow students who are interested in music the ability to learn more about an instrument they currently play or a new one and then rehearse so they can present their music at a retirement home.
Badminton ClubSarah SwaykusTony XuTo give students interested in badminton an opportunity to play and enjoy the game.
BIOLOLSharri GuerreroCeline ShenTo give students a hands-on way of experiencing Biology.
California Scholarship FederationWendy Adam & Teresa HustonTo foster high standards of scholarship, service and citizenship, and encourage all students to strive for excellence.
Cyber Patriot
Dr. Jan KilduffDevan DouglasTo learn about cyber security and data encryption and to compete in contests held by Air Force.
FBLACarol ChaffeeKelsey BurnsTo enhance the Business Magnet Program by providing educational advancement opportunities such as competitions and awards to add to the student's knowledge of and preparation for future business careers.
FIDM Fashion ClubCherie AtighetchiEmerson BrodersTo give students interested in the fashion institute an inside track on what this industry is really like. This club will help students prepare for a career in the fashion industry.
FLAKayla GradillasTyler ShimimouraTo promote Christian leadership amongst our JSerra athletes and provide opportunities for Christian Service while cultivating a positive athletic environment.
French ClubCherie AtighetchiIsabel PichlerTo enhance our knowledge of French culture and facilitate learning through increased exposure to French language, literature, and media.
JSA: Junior State of AmericaPatrick AhleKayla GhodsiTo educate and prepare students for lifelong involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society.
Lion AmbassadorsSarah SwaykusJerry Xie and Christine ZhouTo welcome and integrate our international students into the JSerra family.
Modeling ClubDr. Jan KilduffJason HeTo introduce the technique of building models according to blueprints and encourage students to use their imagination and creativity. Wood and plastic modeling will be utilized. This is an Engineering Magnet club.
MUNRon MisiowJerry XieTo prepare students for the MUN conferences and to improve students’ public speaking, speech and debate, language usage, and critical thinking skills. To also enhance students' understanding about internal issues.
National Honor SocietyCarol deBoisblancTo maintain and extend the qualities of scholarship, leadership, service, and character as we use our personal talents and skills for the improvement of both self and society.
Dr. Jan KilduffDong WangTo build robots and compete in competitions. This is an Engineering Magnet club.
Science ClubBeth WatermanEva CurciTo further student's interests and knowledge in the study of all areas of science, including speaking visits from scientists.
TLC: Transfer Lions ClubOlivia HuieCaitlyn CasperTo welcome transfer students and introduce them to the Jserra community.

Social Clubs

ASB ClubMichele ChenaultKabreah AndersonTo help decorate locations for school activities, rallies, and dances to ramp up school spirit.
Car DesignBrad SmithJerry WuTo design cars that we dream about by drawing them.
Film & Media ClubSarah BrechbillAdam ChaconTo give students the opportunity to earn service hours and share in the knowledge of the film and media industry.
Home EconomicsCristen FullertonLaura GibsonTo teach students about the basics of living and how to do simple tasks around the house such as cooking and taking care of a child.
Improv Elise YbarraGrant Sterling To learn the basics of improvisation and to perform using these skills.
Philosophy ClubJonathan TellesJulia KreugerTo encourage members to think about questions that matter to them while providing an idea-driven and open-minded environment for students to challenge their views and intellect.
Sailing ClubWendy AdamDevin DouglasTo cultivate the skills of sailing among JSerra students and expand their skills for sailing.
Social Justice ClubPatrick AhleJerry XieTo freely discuss social issues such as human rights, environmental protection, and bullying and then come up with a solution. This is a Law Magnet club.
Soul SistersEmily MeyersLizzy SchryerTo discover and become the woman God has created and called us to be. Through fellowship, prayer, discussion/study, and social outings the group seeks to understand a woman's identity in all areas of her life with family, friends, in school, on the playing field, and in relation to man and God.
U2CBAMonica McQueenSherry GuoTo bring students together with a common interest in art and help them explore their talents by creating their own art and entering small competitions.