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Lenten Reflections

Introduction to the Lenten Reflections

Since its inception, JSerra Catholic High School has dared to set itself apart. As one of the only high schools in the region to conduct a weekly all-school Mass, our identity is totally centered around this spiritual core. Our Wednesday Masses have come to represent a focal point, a hub, and a stake in the ground that keeps our community anchored. Like Peter walking out on the water to meet Jesus, everyone in the school puts down what they're doing for one hour to follow our Lord. Our days can be filled with distractions from our true purpose. Distractions are like waves tempting us to look away in fear. If we only keep our eyes on Jesus, we can walk on water.

During this season of Lent, we invite you to join us in keeping our focus fixed on the Lord. Each Wednesday and every day during Holy Week, we will post a reflection on a Gospel reading, including writings, music, and art pieces from contributors within our community.


Contact Director of Campus and Sports Ministry Zach Eckert at zeckert@jserra.org.

A male teen and female teen in t-shirts and baseball caps raise their arms with joy.

Whether you are a student, parent, grandparent, alumni, or friend of the school, may you be inspired this Lent to follow Jesus out into the spiritual waters, and remember to keep your eyes fixed on Him!


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Additional Lenten Opportunities

Make a Powerful Impact

When you contribute to the Lion’s Share Fund, you help ensure that a Catholic High School education remains affordable to each student who seeks one.


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