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Hosted by Mr. Patrick Reidy, Plugged In is a monthly podcast offering personal and professional insights from guests with hands-on involvement in the life of adolescents and expertise in education and related fields. Our goal is to partner with parents and adults involved in the formation of young men and women by inviting them to tune into ongoing and engaging conversations that offer insight into the lives, habits, culture, gifts, and challenges of the current generation of adolescents. We hope these insights will enable all of us to raise young men and women of deep faith, sound intellect, and exceptional character.


Sarah Swafford: Dating Dysfunction Among HIgh School and College Students

One of the most powerful statements you can make, says Sarah Swafford, is, "I promise not to use you." In this dynamic interview, the author, speaker, and former college RA helps parents make sense of the growing dating dysfunction among high school and college-aged kids, and makes practical suggestions for saving your sons and daughters from the drama that accompanies the hook-up mentality. 

  • dating
  • relationships
Julie Lythcott Haims: How To Raise an Adult

In this illuminating conversation, TED Talk speaker and author Julie Lythcott-Haims shares the dangers and inevitable pitfalls of overparenting and the consequences on burgeoning young adults.

The Collapse of Parenting with Dr. Leonard Sax

Physician, psychologist, and author, Dr. Leonard Sax unpacks key points from his best-selling book, The Collapse of Parenting, in this double-length interview. Dr. Sax helps parents identify the unique deficiencies that young Americans are experiencing and formulate a plan that can make parents confident and effective without enabling.

  • raising teens
iPray: How To Ignite a Teen’s Faith

In this episode, JSerra Director of Campus Ministry Zach Eckert challenges common myths surrounding teens and their faith and offers tips to connecting with adolescents.

  • faith
  • raising teens
Courtney Harkins: What 10 Years of Counseling Teens Has Taught Me

In this first episode of Plugged In, Dr. Courtney Harkins, LMFT, shares wisdom about youth, modern culture, and the challenges that face adolescents today. She offers parents practical tips on how to navigate the often-tumultuous teen years and how to leverage their sons' and daughters' gifts for a hopeful future.

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • raising teens


Patrick Reidy is the Vice President of Mission and Faith at JSerra High School in San Juan Capistrano, CA. He is responsible for overseeing the faith formation of students, faculty, and staff and for ensuring mission effectiveness.

Mr. Reidy is a frequent speaker and lecturer on topics related to faith, culture, youth, and the dignity of the human person, and has spoken publicly throughout the U.S., in Mexico and in Latin America. He has had multiple radio appearances on both English and Spanish radio. His recorded presentations are available at Lighthouse Catholic Media.