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Hosted by Mr. Patrick Reidy, Plugged In is a monthly podcast offering personal and professional insights from guests with hands-on involvement in the life of adolescents and expertise in education and related fields. Our goal is to partner with parents and adults involved in the formation of young men and women by inviting them to tune into ongoing and engaging conversations that offer insight into the lives, habits, culture, gifts, and challenges of the current generation of adolescents. We hope these insights will enable all of us to raise young men and women of deep faith, sound intellect, and exceptional character.

Meet the Host

Patrick Reidy is the Vice President of Mission and Faith at JSerra High School in San Juan Capistrano, CA. He is responsible for overseeing the faith formation of students, faculty, and staff and for ensuring mission effectiveness.

Mr. Reidy is a frequent speaker and lecturer on topics related to faith, culture, youth, and the dignity of the human person, and has spoken publicly throughout the U.S., in Mexico and in Latin America.

He has had multiple radio appearances on both English and Spanish radio. His recorded presentations are available at Lighthouse Catholic Media.



Fr Mike Schmitz and JSerra students

Raising great sons and daughters is the most daunting and most important task parents face. Fr. Mike Schmitz says, "Don’t lose hope!" Tune in for Fr. Mike's trademark insights and wit and hear about some of his own story on this month’s Plugged In.

  • faith
  • raising teens
Arthur C Brooks

Career stress, kid's school activities, endless weekend tournaments. . . . Is having a meaningful home life even remotely realistic? Lisa Hendey says it is. Find out how she and her husband keep family first — without rejecting the world outside.

  • faith
  • family
Arthur C Brooks

What guarantees us happiness: money, comfort, fame? None of the above, says acclaimed Harvard Business professor and author Arthur C. Brooks. Find out what science has to say about the keys to the most fulfilling life. 

  • happiness
Fr Robert Spitzer

Join Sgt. Brian Gunsolley as he separates myth from reality in telling the surprising story behind the rise of Fentanyl use among American youth.

  • drugs
  • fentanyl
  • raising teens
Fr Robert Spitzer

Former Gonzaga University President Fr. Robert Spitzer helps parents make sense of the greatest moral challenges facing teens and young adults today and provides step-by-step methods for addressing them — convincingly!

  • morality
  • raising teens
Sr Maria Catherine is wearing a white habit with a silver pendant.

Would you believe this faithful and dedicated Catholic sister used to practice witchcraft? Tune in to hear about this story and more as Sr. Maria Catherine shares her colored journey from agnosticism to Catholicism and a life dedicated entirely to Christ and his Church!

  • catholic
  • faith
Headshot of woman with brunette hair in a red dress.

What are the best ways for parents to address a serious learning challenge their high schooler is facing? Join JSerra’s Director of Learning and Academic Support, Drew Clute, for this quick tutorial on coaching adolescents struggling with academics. 

  • education
  • learning challenges

JSerra Media Presents "The Lion Zone"

The Lion Zone is your source for the latest on JSerra Catholic High School Athletics. Every week on “Roar11,” Coach Brett Kay and Bret Dahlson bring you conversation, Monday morning game analysis, and interviews with coaches, players, and special guests.