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Hosted by Mr. Patrick Reidy, Plugged In is a monthly podcast offering personal and professional insights from guests with hands-on involvement in the life of adolescents and expertise in education and related fields. Our goal is to partner with parents and adults involved in the formation of young men and women by inviting them to tune into ongoing and engaging conversations that offer insight into the lives, habits, culture, gifts, and challenges of the current generation of adolescents. We hope these insights will enable all of us to raise young men and women of deep faith, sound intellect, and exceptional character.


Fr Claude Williams in white priest garments.

Opinions from Americans vary widely on the subject of Black History Month.... What should Catholic schools do? In this podcast, Fr. Claude Williams shares his view on a topic of increasing tension within our culture.

  • catholic
  • education
  • racism
Sr Maria Catherine is wearing a white habit with a silver pendant.

With public schools gone virtual across America, students are finding face-to-face interaction in Catholic schools, and more and more parents are willing to pay for it. The question is: Will these new families stay? In this dynamic podcast, Sr. Maria Catherine explains why she believes they will.

  • catholic
  • education
  • parenting
Connecting Parents to Teens and One Another

Is it too late to connect with my high school teen? Not according to licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Cara Morales! During the challenging adolescent years, communication can get stifled or even conflicted. Cara shares tips for overcoming common obstacles parents face and explains why strong relationships are the key to our children's success — and to our sanity.

  • parenting
  • raising teens
Photo of radio host Kevin Matthews wearing a black shirt and pants, sitting behind a statue of the Virgin Mary

One of the nation's most listened-to and award-winning radio hosts Kevin Matthews shares about the seemingly random encounter that changed the trajectory of his career from popular entertainer to ambassador of Christian hope and love. Hear about his amazing journey with Broken Mary.

  • faith
Photos of Damon Owens in a dark blue suit with a white shirt and gray tie.

Is there racism in America? Do we need sweeping law enforcement reform? Catholic lay leader Damon Owens shares his thoughts on race, injustice, the current political unrest, and the proper Catholic response.

  • racism
Leonard Sax JSerra

Can we really say how the pandemic is affecting our kids? According to recent studies, we can. Join doctor, speaker, author, and scholar, Dr. Leonard Sax, as he discusses the effects of the pandemic on our teens and how parenting with wisdom and intention is crucial for moving them through this time with positive outcomes.

  • pandemic
  • raising teens
Olivia Huie and her husband and two sons stand in front of a door at their home.

Who doesn't like school in their pajamas? As teens enter week nine of the COVID shutdown, parents are seeing the novelty of stay-at-home school wearing off — and trying to deal with the consequences. In this episode, counselors Olivia Huie and Cara Morales share insights as educators and moms...

  • pandemic
Chris Ledyard is wearing a black shirt and glasses. He is the athletic director at JSerra.

Do good guys and girls always finish last? Not according to JSerra Athletic Director Chris Ledyard. Chris shares with parents the secrets of raising great kids through the medium of sports and shares his strategy for teaching young people how to achieve excellence in mind, heart, and spirit without sacrificing excellence on the field.

  • Athletics
  • sports
This Is the Pro-Life Moment

In this episode of Unplugged, host Pat Reidy discusses the pro-life movement with activist Lila Rose, who describes her pro-life journey starting at 15 years old. Rose handles the delicate topic with love, compassion, and eloquence.

  • pro-life


Patrick Reidy is the Vice President of Mission and Faith at JSerra High School in San Juan Capistrano, CA. He is responsible for overseeing the faith formation of students, faculty, and staff and for ensuring mission effectiveness.

Mr. Reidy is a frequent speaker and lecturer on topics related to faith, culture, youth, and the dignity of the human person, and has spoken publicly throughout the U.S., in Mexico and in Latin America. He has had multiple radio appearances on both English and Spanish radio. His recorded presentations are available at Lighthouse Catholic Media.