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Dr. Cliff Patterson: Relational Parenting

Teens can be a handful! Dr. Cliff Patterson gives laser-sharp advice to parents and offers them practical tips for disciplining their adolescent sons and daughters with confidence, humor, and grace. Using examples from his personal counseling practice and life as a husband and dad, Dr. Patterson tackles chore time, back talk, slacking in school, the silent treatment, and more!

You can listen below or download the podcast on iTunes.


Dr. Clifton Patterson prefers to speak of himself as a professional counselor — an expression of modesty that betrays his expertise in the field of family psychology. Dr. Patterson helps youth and families build solid lives through solid relationships. Before starting SoCal Youth and Family Services, he worked for 13 years for various companies as a therapeutic behavior coach and a family counselor. After a successful career helping Kinship Center and Western Youth Services, Dr. Patterson now coaches and advises youth and family service organizations on how to identify root causes of struggles in the family unit. He has spoken on numerous occasions to the thundering applause of JSerra Catholic High School parents.