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How to Discipline with Dignity with Dean Bridget Desmond

Bridget Desmond raised ten children, but that is only a small part of her role as a shaper of young people's lives. In her 16 years as Dean of Discipline at JSerra, she has had thousands of conversations with teenagers about the virtues they are made for and the behaviors that do — or do not — help them reach that destiny.

In this 12-minute mini-podcast, Mrs. Desmond shares her wisdom regarding:

  • The "why" and "how" of discipline within a Catholic framework
  • What virtue-based discipline means
  • How to discipline with love
  • What teens who act out are really saying to adults
  • Tips for parents on disciplining with long-term human formation in mind

Enjoy this brief conversation with a veteran in forming young people.

You can listen below or download the podcast on iTunes.


Headshot of a smiling older woman with short white hair, red lipstick, and a bright orange-red silk blouse.

Bridget Desmond, JD, graduated from Loyola University of Los Angeles and attended Loyola Law School. For many years, she was the only woman in an otherwise all-male law firm, practicing law from 1974 through 1983. She joined the staff of JSerra Catholic High School in September of 2005 and has served for the past 16 years as one of the school's two Deans of Discipline. More significantly, she is happily married with 10 children and 21 grandchildren.