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Pivoting Your Parenting: How to Stay Sane in a Quarantine

Week nine of the shelter-in-place has almost everyone on edge. What seemed like a dream come true to teenagers has become more like an unbearably monotonous version of Groundhog Day. High school students are now reporting a host of conflicting reactions to being isolated from their normal outlets for support. Some are anxious and depressed; others are bored and unmotivated. How can parents deal with such a myriad of issues and manage their own work-from-home schedule simultaneously?

JSerra counselors Olivia Huie and Cara Morales tag-team in this Plugged In episode to offer sound and timely advice for working moms and dads with kids. With humor and wisdom, and their own kids interrupting this Zoom-recorded podcast, they share from the heart about the real challenges and surprising successes of managing life in lockdown.

You can listen below or download the podcast on iTunes.


Olivia Huie and her husband and two sons stand in front of a door at their home.

Olivia Huie has a decade of experience in the counseling field and through her talent and vision, was promoted to become the director of counseling right after graduate school. She has led the JSerra Counseling Department as its Director since 2009 and under her direction, the department has more than doubled in size, growing the services the department is able to give to JSerra families.

Cara Morales is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Professional Clinical Counselor who divides her career between her private practice and JSerra Catholic High School. A Franciscan University graduate, Morales is the founding member of JSerra's theology department and campus ministry program. Additionally, she crafted a vision for JSerra to become one of the first high school's in the country to provide full-time on-campus professional therapy, a practice she sees as increasingly more critical given the continual breakdown of the family. Morales has been married to her husband Justin for 9 years and they have three children.