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David Amrein
Program Director
Performing Arts Dept. Chair
949.493.9307 Ext. 7053

Monica McQueen
Program Director
Visual Arts Dept. Chair
949.493.9307 Ext. 7072


The Arts Magnet Program curriculum is designed for students who are thinking about pursuing their art in college or who want a more intensive high school arts experience. Download the sample 4-year plan below.



While most of JSerra’s arts classes remain open to non-magnet students, Arts Magnet Program students engage in a deeper study of their subject and receive honors or Advanced Placement credit for every magnet class.

Over the course of four years, AMP students take five electives in their track in addition to two framing courses:

  1. History of the Arts Honors (9th or 10th grade) provides students with an overview of all of the art forms throughout many different time periods and cultures.
  2. Professional Arts Seminar Honors (12th grade) exposes students to various careers in the arts and includes first hand experiences with professional artists.

As part of the curriculum, students also attend several field trips to first-class artistic destinations and events as well as showcase their work in an annual festival.


Class of 2020 and Beyond

  • Summer prior to 9th grade: Freshman Communication (s), $700
  • 9th grade: History of the Arts Honors* (y), Honors course from student’s track (y), $500
  • 10th grade: Honors course from student’s track (y), $1000
  • 11th grade: Honors course from student’s track (y), Additional honors course from student’s track* (y), $1000
  • 12th grade: Professional Arts Seminar Honors (s), Honors course from student’s track (y), $1000

The Arts Magnet Program was such an amazing experience, and was such a great way to grow as an artist and be able to focus on the classes and subjects that I love the most

Kate '18