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Pat Ahle
Program Director
949.493.9307 Ext. 7077


The Law Magnet Program curriculum as well as the textbooks and instructional methods are similar to what students will experience in law school. Download the sample 4-year plan below.


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Law Magnet Program courses are modeled after actual law school courses. The curriculum, texts, and instructional methods are similar to what the student will experience in law school. As such, students will learn how to raise and defend an argument, develop their analytical thinking and reasoning skills, and write legal briefs. In short, students will have a solid understanding of what preparation for a legal career entails.

Essentially, JSerra Law Magnet students are receiving a substantial amount of the curriculum taught in the first year of law school. Therefore, if they choose to go onto law school, these extensive course materials and accompanying class instruction will give them a huge advantage over other future law school students. Our students will have already seen most of the first year law school course materials before they even start law school, while many other law school students are attempting to learn the same material for the first time.


  • Summer prior to 9th grade: Freshman Communication, Health
  • 9th grade: Speech and Debate, Introduction to Law (Honors), $500
  • 10th grade: Principles of Real Estate (Honors), $1,000
  • 11th grade: Legal Aspects of Real Estate/Property Honors, Criminal Law Honors, $1000
  • 12th grade: Business/Contract Law Honors, Constitutional Law Honors, $1000

JSerra students are required to complete classes in the Fine Arts. It is recommended that Law Magnet students consider taking Theater, Choir, or 2-D Design.


Sophomore, junior, and senior students may participate in the fall mock trial training and the Orange County Constitutional Rights Foundation Mock Trial Competition. Sophomore, junior, and senior students will participate in the internal JSerra mock trial training and spring mock trial competition.