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Dr. Betty Cappelletti
Program Director
949.493.9307 Ext. 7050


Our curriculum provides students with opportunities to explore various medical disciplines while allowing them to enjoy other interests such as sports, art, clubs, and more.



The Medical Magnet Program introduces students to health sciences and technology. This program’s curriculum is rigorous and mandates students to enroll in double science and math courses compared to the typical high school science-based curriculum. The added science and math courses will emphasize life science application.

The curriculum includes:

  • medical technology
  • medical terminology
  • the ethics of health care
  • research methods

Classroom instruction will be supplemented with lectures, observed operations, and individual meetings with eminent medical professionals such as prominent physicians, nurses, ER/operating staff, medical/radiological technicians, and C-level executives on specific days at the hospital facility.


  • Summer prior to 9th grade: Freshman Communication (s)
  • 9th grade: Biology Honors, Geometry Honors, Algebra 1 Honors, $500
  • 10th grade: Intro to Health Sciences Honors – takes the place of JSerra’s Health requirement (s), Medical Ethics (s), Chemistry H, Algebra 2 Honors, $1000
  • 11th grade: Anatomy and Physiology Honors, upper division science course (per director’s approval), Pre-Calculus H, $1000
  • 12th grade: Concepts of Genetics Honors (s), Intro to Neuroscience Honors (s), upper division science course (per director’s approval), Calculus, AP Calculus, or AP Statistics, $1000

JSerra students are required to complete classes in the Fine Arts. It is recommended that Medical Magnet Program students consider taking Drawing and Painting, Choral, Instrumental, or Dance courses.