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Starting in Fall 2017, JSerra parking permits will be available for a one-time charge per student. Each permit will last the entire duration of the student's enrollment at JSerra. For example, a sophomore pays $50 for his permit and may also use it his sophomore, junior, AND senior years.

The standard parking permit fee is $50.00 for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, and $25.00 for seniors. Permits will be available for pick-up in the Office of the Deans. Permits will be available after orientation on August 8, 2017.


Please select your grade during the 2017-2018 school year.​

As an international student, you must download the JSerra International Student Driving Policy form, print and complete it, and return to Mrs. Jennifer Hurtado in the International Department.







Students and their parents will be required to sign the Parking Permit Usage Agreement below in order to receive a parking permit. Violation of this agreement may result in loss of parking privileges.

  1. Loitering in the parking areas before, during, or after school is not permitted. Students may not go to the parking areas during the school day without permission and knowledge of the Office of the Deans.
  2. The speed limit on campus is ten (10) miles per hour. Students engaging in reckless and dangerous driving habits are subject to school issued discipline which may result in the loss of driving privileges on campus.
  3. JSerra is a closed campus. This includes all parking areas. The Office of the Deans coordinates all matters pertaining to driving and parking on campus, including the issuing of permits, citations, and towing. Detentions for driving/parking violations are handled by the Office of the Deans.
  4. JSerra student drivers are expected to follow all laws relating to operating a motor vehicle and to display caution and courtesy at all times.
  5. Only senior students will be permitted to park on the north side of the campus.
  6. Junior, sophomores and freshmen will park on the south side of the campus.
  7. Seniors MAY NOT park in the underclassmen lot on the side south of campus. Seniors are only permitted to use the back lot near the baseball fields off of Oso Road.
  8. Any students parking in violation of class parking restrictions indicated above will receive the following consequences:
    • First Offense - Warning;
    • Second Offense - Detention;
    • Third Offense - In-School Detention / Saturday School;
    • Fourth Offense - Student’s vehicle will be towed at the student's expense.

Parking illegally and/or parking without a visibly displayed parking permit in any school parking lot is prohibited. Students who violate this policy may have their vehicle towed at their own expense.

By typing my full name in the field below, I agree to comply with these rules and regulations at all times. For valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, I knowingly and voluntarily release, discharge, and agree to indemnify JSerra Catholic High School and its officers, directors, faculty, staff, volunteers and other representatives from any and all liability, actions, lawsuits, claims, demands and/or expenses relating to or arising from my violation of any of the rules and regulations set forth above.


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