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Registering for an exam

To sign up for the SAT, visit collegeboard.org.

To sign up for the ACT, visit actstudent.org.

High School Code: 053197

Fee Waviers

Fee waivers are available for students who qualify:


Many colleges have gone test optional or test blind as of 2020. All of the UCs and Cal States are no longer taking the college entrance exam. For an updated list of test optional schools, please visit fairtest.org. You should also check with your colleges as to how they handle testing in admissions.

Fall 2024

For juniors and seniors who are looking to take the SAT this fall, JSerra is a testing site for the November test date  Spots fill up quickly, so please ensure you register ahead of time on collegeboard.org.


For a listing of upcoming test dates and registration deadlines, please visit act.org or collegeboard.org.



13 Questions to Ask Test Prep Companies

  1. How long have they been teaching the SAT/ACT?
  2. Have they taken the actual SAT Reasoning test or ACT recently?
  3. What books and materials are they using to teach the SAT/ACT? (Specifically, whether or not they are real or simulated materials?)
  4. Are these real or simulated materials? Do the books that they use include: full-length practice tests; detailed descriptions of each section; practice essay questions; sample essays; testing suggestions and anxiety advice
  5. What have been the SAT/ACT test scores of their students?
  6. How long is the course and how do they determine how much one-on-one time each student will need?
  7. Is the student doing independent homework in between sessions so they can maximize the effectiveness of the one-on-one time? If so, how much time can they plan to commit to this homework?
  8. How many students is the individual or company working with each year?
  9. What study skills will they be teaching?
  10. What kind of teaching style do they have?
    (Always look for someone who has a coaching style of teaching.)
  11. How will they be addressing "test anxiety?"
  12. What type of professional training and experience do they have as an SAT/ACT instructor?
  13. Can they offer you current references with phone numbers?

Additional Resources

SAT/ACT Prep Timeline

This timeline will help guide you to ensure you have time to prepare for the SAT and ACT exams during your junior and senior years. If you have any questions, please see your College Counselor.