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The JSerra Nurse's Office provides students and school staff with basic health care, first aid, and health counseling that emphasizes illness prevention. It is staffed with one full-time R.N. and three part-time R.N.'s during the regular school year, but not during the summer. There will be NO NURSE on staff during Summer School or Lion Engage Middle School Program.

Your student has a right to privacy and confidentiality of health records and information. This includes maintaining student's health records and files in a confidential manner and sharing information appropriately.

NOTE: the Nurse's Office provides a confidential setting to discuss private matters. All efforts are made to keep health matters and information confidential and secure.

The Nurse's Office is located in the administration area of Building #1.

Health questions and/or concerns from our JSerra families are encouraged. Please feel free to contact the Nurse's Office at 949.493.9028 or fax 949.493.2763, or email us at nurse@jserra.org. The Nurse's Office is open during regular school hours.