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Titan HST App

JSerra has partnered with Titan HST, an application that gives us the ability to communicate with staff, students, and parents when there is a possible emergency on campus. As a student, you can use the app to notify school personnel if you see something suspicious on campus, or if you have a specific concern. There are 9 reasons why you might use the Titan app:

  1. Knowledge of a suicide attempt or someone who is suicidal
  2. Knowledge of a shooter on campus or someone who might be coming to campus with a gun/weapon
  3. Witnessing bullying
  4. Seeing a stranger on campus without a visitor badge
  5. A medical emergency
  6. A fire
  7. Seeing or having knowledge of someone using drugs
  8. Knowledge of a bomb threat
  9. A general safety concern that the school should know about

You should only send alerts if there is a real emergency, or if there is the possibility of an emergency. JSerra administrators will take disciplinary action if students use Titan to send prank alerts, so please make sure that you use the app appropriately.


  1. Download the free Titan HST app to your mobile phone from the App Store (iPhone) or the Play Store (Android).
  2. After downloading the app, open it on your mobile device. On the screen where you are prompted to enter your email address or phone number, there is an option to log in using a Microsoft account at the bottom. Click that option.
  3. You will be redirected to a Microsoft login screen.  Enter your JSerra email address (firstname.lastname@jserra.org), then your JSerra email password.

    * If you are a new student and have not yet reset your password with IT, your temporary password will have been sent to you.
    * If you are unsure of your password and need to reset it, please visit the IT Department in Busch Hall, send an email to support@jserra.org, or call 949.493.9010.
  4. Once you are logged in, you will receive a series of prompts. Please read through each one carefully and "accept" all of them, turning on all four kinds of "critical push notifications."
  5. The app will redirect you to the Titan HST homepage for JSerra. Click the profile icon in the upper left side of the homepage. It will look like a person's head. In the options that appear, choose "My Account" and review the contact information we have for you. Your JSerra email address will be added automatically but check to see if your phone number is listed correctly. If we have an incorrect number for you, please enter your correct number. If you needed to enter or correct your phone number, you will be asked to verify it. We recommend using the text feature to do this.

If you have any trouble installing the app or logging into it, please stop by the IT Department in Busch Hall, contact them through email (support@jserra.org), or call 949.493.9010.

Additional Information

On the app home screen, you should see 9 icons that represent different reasons why you might need to contact the school to report an emergency. Alerts can be sent when you are on or near campus. If you are away from campus and need to contact the school, send an email or give us a phone call.


When you click the icon and send the alert, JSerra administration and security staff are notified immediately. Administrators will see the nature of the emergency and the name and location of the person who sent it. This helps us respond to your location, if needed. Fellow students will not see the name of the person reporting the emergency. This protects your anonymity in sending the alert.


When administrators receive an alert from you, they will text you back to ask about the nature of the emergency and request other relevant information. Once the emergency has been resolved, you may receive a prompt to end the alert. You can use the chat feature in Titan HST app to do that. Keep in mind that the chat feature can be used to communicate with administrators after an alert is sent. It cannot be used for student-to-student communication.


The school can also send out mass alerts or communications in the event of an emergency. If the school needed to lockdown, for instance, school administrators would send a "lockdown" alert. Your phone would receive that alert as a text, email, or Titan app message even if it was turned off. The alert would provide instructions on what to do during the emergency or drill. You would also be alerted when it was over.