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Christian Service

Christian Service Requirement

Christian Service is a requirement for graduation. A minimum of 80 hours must be completed over a student’s 4-year career (20 hours annually). All hours must be approved by the Coordinator of Christian Service. The deadlines for completing this requirement are as follows:

  1. Each January 15, hours from the previous summer or semester must be entered into x2VOL. Hours from the previous summer or semester entered after January 15 will not be approved.
  2. Second semester hours must be entered no later than April 30.
  3. Hours entered after April 30 from the second semester will not be approved.

How to Log Your Hours on X2Vol

  • Before logging in, you must register by clicking "JOIN" in the top right-hand corner of the x2VOL. Once you click JOIN, fill out all the information needed. You must use your JSerra email to register. You may add a personal email only as a secondary email. You may create your own password. Be sure to record this somewhere where you will not forget.
  • After joining x2VOL, you may log in. Your username is your JSerra e-mail and password you chose when you filled out the information in the JOIN section. Once you have logged in, on the top left-hand side, click on "Opportunities and Projects." There should be a tab that appears directly underneath that says "Activity Log."
  • Click on Activity Log, which will lead you to the next page. Then click on "Create New," next to Personal Projects.
  • Fill out the online form for each service event.
  • You will need to add a brief description of the type of service you did. Make sure to describe in detail who you served and how you served them. Hours will be denied if the description is not clear.
  • Once you scroll down, please provide the supervisor contact, including their phone number and email address. In order to be verified for your hours, you MUST provide the supervisor's e-mail information. Hours will be denied if an email is not provided.
  • You will then need to provide the amount of hours you served in this particular project and approximately the date in which you completed your service.
  • You will also need to implement a brief reflection about the experience you gathered from you service and the ways in which you saw Christ in the selfless, sacrificial act of service you completed.
  • Make sure to apply the service hours to the Christian Service Goal, by checking the circle next to this option. If you are in NHS, CSF, or Lion Ambassadors, you will see similar circles to check. You must clarify that your service is for Christian Service hours. If no circle is checked, your submission will not show up in our inbox.
  • Lastly, you must confirm that your submission is true and accurate by checking the square box at the bottom.
  • Once this information is all covered, scroll to the bottom and push "Submit."

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Available Service Opportunities


JSerra Campus Ministry provides a list of suggested organizations with which the students can work via a Christian Service software called x2VOL. Students are welcome to suggest other organizations not listed on the school’s list, but such opportunities must align with the Christian service goals and be approved first by Campus Ministry.

Our aim is to assist JSerra students in identifying charities for which students can perform Christian service and practice the type of love that we are made for. There are many sources for Christian Service projects — including but not limited to:

  • Classroom sign-ups
  • Service organization days
  • JSerra leaders spearheading project

Identifying Service Opportunities


Use this rule of thumb when determining if your project would qualify as a "Christian Service Project" in the truest sense of the word:

  • Is it off-campus? Is it outside my home?
  • Does it support a person in a dire financial, medical, or social situation?
  • Does it put me in direct contact with the poor, sick, disabled, elderly, or service organization doing direct work for these persons?
  • Does it help someone better who is in a difficult financial, medical, or social situation?


Do you have questions about Christian Service? Please contact:

Mr. Zach Eckert
Director of Campus Ministry
Christian Service Coordinator
949.493.9307 Ext. 2114


  • Each January 15th, hours from the previous summer or semester must be entered into x2VOL. Hours from the previous summer or semester entered after January 15th will not be approved.
  • Second semester hours must be entered no later than April 30th.
  • Hours entered after April 30th from the second semester will not be approved.
  • There is no limit to the number of Christian Service hours seniors may complete in a school year. You must, however, complete a minimum of 10 hours per school year in order to receive your report card in June.


  • All of the above procedures apply to seniors.
  • Seniors MUST have all hours approved by April 30th of their graduating year.
  • Any hours logged after April 30th of senior year will not be approved. Senior students who do not have 80 approved Christian Service hours by April 30th of their graduating year will not receive a diploma.
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