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Summer School

Registration is now closed. Please check back in Spring 2018.

JSerra Catholic High School offers Summer School classes over a six-week period for JSerra students entering grades 9-12 in the fall. For students who may have had a previous D or F grade, the summer curriculum also has remediation courses designed to help them recover credits. JSerra's summer curriculum also includes a number of enrichment courses that help students prepare for the rigors of high school or simply allow them the opportunity to grow intellectually. If you are interested in a class not listed in our Summer School program, please see your counselor.


This six-week period is broken into two three-week session: the first session represents the first semester of a course, and the second session represents the second semester of the course.

Session 1June 12-29$700 per course
Session 2July 3-21 (no class July 4)$700 per course
College Application BootcampJune 5-9 or July 31-August 4$500
Music Composition Enrichment

July 3-21

Online ProgramJune 5-July 28$700 per course

Students are permitted only ONE absence per session and TWO tardies per session. More than one absence or more than two tardies will make the student liable for dismissal, thereby forfeiting credit.


How much does Summer School cost?

$700 per semester for both credit and online classes. Enrichment classes are $500 for College Application Bootcamp and $350 for Music Composition.

What can I expect from a JSCHS Summer School class?

Because each semester is just three weeks long, summer classes are fast-paced. In addition to the four hours of instruction received each day, it will be important for each student to allocate additional time after school to work on homework. For online classes, an even greater time commitment is necessary.

What are the hours of instruction?

Credit classes are offered primarily in the morning, with a few offered in the afternoon. Enrichment courses are morning only for a period of two hours.

Credit Classes

Morning Session: 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Afternoon Session: 12:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Enrichment Classes

College Application Bootcamp: 12:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Music Composition: 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Is there a Schedule of Classes available?

You may download and print the Schedule of Classes here.

Where can I find detailed information about each course?

Please refer to the Course Catalog.


What are the attendance requirements?

Due to the short nature of the Summer Session, students are strongly encouraged to attend all class meetings. Students attending for credit classes are permitted only one absence per session and only two tardies per session. More than one absence and more than two tardies will make the student liable for dismissal, thereby forfeiting credit. Students in enrichment courses are permitted two absences. If a student is dismissed from JSerra Summer School, tuition will not be refunded.

If a student is absent:
Student should report to Main Office on next day of class and request a readmit slip from receptionist.

If a student arrives late:
If less than 10 minutes late, student should report directly to class. The student will be marked tardy. If more than 10 minutes late, the student should report to Main Office to obtain a readmit slip. Students more than 10 minutes late need a signed note explaining the reason for being late.

If a student must leave early:
Parents/guardians are required to give the school a signed note indicating the reason for leaving early as well as the time the student should be released from class. This note should be given to the receptionist in the Main Office.

Does JSCHS have a uniform policy during the summer?

A JSerra uniform is not required, however, it is expected that every student will dress according to reasonable standards of decency, mindful of the academic nature of the environment. Personal appearance and attire are expected to be neat and clean at all times. Students should err on the side of modesty and good taste.

Male Students

  • Must be clean-shaven. No facial hair is allowed.
  • Jeans or JSerra shorts/pants are required.
  • JSerra t-shirt or polo is required.
  • No piercings are allowed.
  • Shoes must be secured at the toe and heel. Shoes must be worn at all times.

Female Students

  • Jeans or JSerra shorts/pants are required.
  • JSerra t-shirt or polo is required.
  • Body piercings are limited to the ear lobe. Earrings should not be excessively dangling.
  • Shoes must be secured at the toe and heel. Shoes must be worn at all times. Boots are not permitted.

In all matters of appearance, the Summer School Director reserves the final judgment with regard to compliance to our policies.

What are the student conduct expectations during summer school?

The Serra behavior code is intended to provide good order indispensable for the serious pursuit of academic excellence and for the high moral tone expected at JSerra. Behavior that is dangerous or keeps students from learning or prevents the teacher from teaching is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Observance of this behavior code will put demands on the students’ self-control and growth toward maturity. The school reserves the right to review unsatisfactory conduct. The school is entitled to discipline the student with detention, suspension, probation, and/or dismissal should any of these be deemed justified by the school. The knowledge and compliance of the behavior code is expected of every student enrolled at JSerra.

JSerra’s Administration reserves the right to review the conduct and actions of JSerra students regardless of when or where such actions take place if they are of a nature to bring discredit to the school or if they conflict with the Christian values for which JSerra stands.

For more information regarding the expectations of student conduct, please refer to the Parent Student Handbook.

How do I register?

Returning students needing to take classes for remediation or advancement must meet with their counselor prior to registration for advisement. Students will not be enrolled in Summer School without permission from their counselor. Incoming freshmen interested in taking Summer School can apply online.

To register for a Summer School class at JSerra, you must first obtain approval from your Counselor. If you are unable to attend your class in-person, you may opt to take it as an "independent study" with authorization from your Counselor.

Registration is now closed. Please check back in Spring 2018.

What Enrichment classes do you offer?

We currently Music Composition and College Application Bootcamp.

What is College Application Bootcamp?

JSerra Counseling's very own College Application Bootcamp is an excellent way for rising seniors to get a head start on their college applications. There were two sessions available this past summer.

Where do students report the first day of summer school?

Students should come to the JSerra Front Office for classroom assignments.

Does JSerra offer summer school for middle school students?

JSerra is proud to offer its brand new summer program for middle school students — Lion Engage. It is for students entering grades 6-8, and provides a fun, hands-on learning experience.

Will the Bistro be open during the summer?

The Bistro is open during the summer. Students may also bring their lunch and snacks during the summer. During the school day, students may not leave campus at any time to purchase food. Students are not allowed to eat in their classrooms.

Our desire is that your student will find the summer session to be an enjoyable learning experience.
Donna Vandenberg,
Summer School Director


Karen Testa
Summer School Registrar
949.493.9307 Ext. 1104

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